We are devoted to create original and ingenious ways to produce stunning visuals that are in synergy with the creator’s vision as well as with audience expectations.


We pride on having a skillful and accomplished team of experts who are well versed in the art and technology of visual effects production.


We recognize the fact that each concept is varied and hence requires a distinctive approach. Thereby we dedicatedly concentrate on the research and detailed understanding of the project.


We are aware that an organized approach and a well-planned project design can increase productivity and avoid hassle hence we work endlessly to create the perfect & customized project pipeline for every venture.


Visual Effect and Its subdivisions have an immensely extensive array of services but in most cases they are scattered. We make sure that each of these, are available under one roof thereby ensuring zero inconvenience and outstanding output.


We aspire to provide absolute comfort and contentment through transparent interactive sessions and around the clock customer assistance.


4K VISUALS is a visual effect substation based out of Mumbai, the City of Dreams, Bollywood and Cultural Rendezvous. Though, we never claim to be wizards with wands but when it comes to creating magic with softwares we can surely be quiet the enchanters. Founded in 2011 by a team of three enthusiastic, passionate and extremely talented young entrepreneurs, 4K VISUALS has grown to become one of the industry’s success stories and is now an honored Visual Effects & Design service provider for Films, Television, Commercials and Digital Platforms.

The studio is shepherd by Chandra Bhan Kushwaha, Abhijaat Dhongade and Arvind Yadav along with a team of extremely talented VFX Artists, Designers and Animators who are well capable of handling and achieving challenging objectives thereby creating visual masterpiece.

4K VISUALS offers an array of services namely: VFX & 3D Animation, Concept & Design, Corporate Branding, and Digital Content Creation.

At 4k VISUALS, we are committed to bring your abstract conceptions to life and simplify intricate ideas for the viewers to witness your visualizations. With a diversified array of clients such as Prakash Jha Productions,Star Plus, Sony, Colors, Zee, John Abraham Entertainment, Big Magic, Contiloe Pictures and many more, 4K VISUALS aims at realizing your creative chimera with utmost precision and ingenuity.

Meet the Crew.

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Chandra Bhan Kushwaha

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As one of the establishing pillars of 4K VISUALS, Chandra Bhan has been responsible for the development, growth and strategy creation in order to have 4K VISUALS utilize its full potential. With a vast experience of almost 12 years as Lead VFX Supervisor for acclaimed projects such as Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Jai Malhar, Hatim and many more, Chandra Bhan himself possesses multi-potential talents ranging from Direction to Editing. He is a keen film maker with eye for creativity and expertise of technology.

Abhijaat Dhongade

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director

As Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder of 4K VISUALS, Abhijaat has been a leader in this company since its inception. Possessing a vast knowledge of both creative and technical aspects he certainly knows how to complete a project that is visually beautiful and technically strong. His immense reservoir of more than 8 years of experience as lead supervisor and lead creative on projects such as Haatim and Ranjhanaa, has made him the creative backbone for 4K VISUALS

Arvind Yadav

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Arvind Yadav holds the dual title of Chief Financial and Operating officer of the company providing financial and strategic leadership for the VFX business. His unparalleled management skills coupled with his technical knowledge of various aspects of VFX ensures that the projects are not only on deadlines but are of utmost quality. An instinctive team leader, he is more than adequate in recognizing the strength and weaknesses of his team and utilizing them to their utmost capabilities.


With quality over quantity, and through our steadfast and consistent evolution, 4K VISUALS invariably seeks to contract both visionary rush and intentness of its artists through each assignment and an intimate synergetic professional affiliation with our clientele. Our skilled and adept team guided by Managing Supervisor Pramod Yadav and Senior Compositors Vijay Patel, Pooja Tiwari, Dipeeka Prakash Mail and Vikas Patwa ensure projects both miniscule and grand receive the similar significant specifications of artistic and technological services. This has proven to be a winning merger resulting in awards recognitions such as ZEE Marathi Award for the Best VFX of famous TV show 'JAI MALHAR'.

Unparalleled Concept Creation


Establishing Confidence


Visual Refinement


User Contentment


Delivery on Deadlines


What we do.

We will turn your Vision into a Visual Masterpiece.

Vfx & 3d Animation

With an experience of over 8 years in the field of VFX & 3D Animation, 4K VISUALS is efficient in providing end to end solution for all your Visual effect necessities that would either be perilous, pricey, unattainable, or futile to capture on film.

Concept & Design

With the increase in the availability of ground breaking technology, the challenge to create an original and unparalleled concept has become the need of the hour. The Pre-production is always the backbone of any Visual Content Creation. At 4k VISUALS we are continuously working towards inventing ways to make an unheard of content concept & design.

Corporate Branding

At 4K Visuals, we understand that the market is now extremely competitive and there is a dire demand of something uncommon and exclusive when it comes to Corporate branding. With a team of accomplished designers and visualizers we ensure to attain every concept and design touch-points including, Logo design, packaging, advertising, and stationery design, to create maximal recall value for a Brand.

Digital Content Creation

The rise of Digital Age has ensured that every person with the right equipment and quirky script has a platform to showcase their talents, yet we understand that an adequately created content has a much greater chance of grabbing maximum eyeballs. At 4K VISUALS we are adept at the art of Visual Creation and with our expertise can assist in creating a Digital Content that possesses the potential of becoming the talk of the town.


When Imagination meets Creativity, often the result is mesmerizing!.

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